JWARP  Vol.8 No.12 , November 2016
Water Resources Evaluation in Ghadamis Basin, Libya
Abstract: Ghadames basin is one of the important groundwater basins in Libya. This basin covers an area of about 215,000 km2 in northwestern Libya. This groundwater basin consists of two major aquifer systems. The upper aquifer system mostly formed of carbonate rocks (Mizdah and Nalut formations). The lower aquifer system formed mostly of sandstone known as Kiklah formation. The two aquifer systems are separated by semi-confining layers known as Yefren marl. The lower aquifer system is considered as the main aquifer for water supply. The water resource (mostly from the lower aquifer system) in these systems is used for domestic, irrigation and fodder drinking. The domestic use of water is to supply water to the cities and towns in western part of the country and in the northern flanks of the basin, and plans to transport water to the coastal cities in northwestern part of the country. The existing total amount of extracted water is 132 Mm3/year, and about 20% of it used for domestic uses. The planned water extraction is 223.8 Mm3/year about 55% of it will be used for domestic uses. The hydrogeological situation for this basin has been studied in this study using data from previous hydrogeological exploration programs, evaluation of the data from the existing extraction and observation water wells, pumping tests data used to evaluate aquifers hydraulic parameters, and construction of hydrogeological cross-sections to know the aquifer systems geometry. Hydogeological computer model was constructed to evaluate the aquifer hydraulic parameters using the historical water extraction, and water levels and drawdowns. The model is then used to predict the future drawdown which has been found to be in the range 55 to 60 m after 50 years of extraction.
Cite this paper: Rashrash, S. and Farag, H. (2016) Water Resources Evaluation in Ghadamis Basin, Libya. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 8, 1191-1209. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2016.812092.

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