JWARP  Vol.8 No.12 , November 2016
A Study about Effects of River Water Quality on Fish Living in Büyük Menderes Basin, Turkey
Abstract: The measurements for the quality of the water were made at eight stations of Adügüzel Dam, Yenice Regulator, Sarayk&#246y Bridge, Feslek Regulator, Yenipazar Bridge, Aydιn Bridge, Ko&#231arlι Bridge, S&#246ke Regulator located at the Buyuk Menderes River, Turkey. The study was conducted for the period between 2000-2013 for the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. The results received were analyzed for temperature, pH, EC, Cl-, Na, Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, , TDS, TH and SS aquaculture. The results of the analyses revealed that although the water pollution in the river showed variations throughout the year, in fact the samples obtained at various locations displayed high levels of pollutants. The “Regulation on Turkish Water Pollution Control” was made use of in classifying the parameters of the water in this study. These parameters were compared with the WHO Guidelines and TS-266. Among the 8 Dams that were included in the study, the best quality of water was measured in the Adügüzel Dam, which gave the lowest values; and the levels were measured to be higher in the Saraykoy Station than those of the other dams. There was a severe drought in Menderes Basin in 2007, and therefore the highest annual values were measured for the year 2007. In those years, the levels of the irrigation water decreased as low as 4255 m3/ha. The SPSS 21 Statistical Analysis Program was made use of in analyzing the data of the study. The One-Way Anova and Tukey Multiple Comparison tests were also used for the analyses of the data as well. The p < 0.05 level was accepted as being significant in the analyses. The distribution of the data was performed by using the Box-plot Graphs. Furthermore, the effects on fish species and the pollution in Büyük Menderes River were also examined in the study.
Cite this paper: Yilmaz, E. and Koç, C. (2016) A Study about Effects of River Water Quality on Fish Living in Büyük Menderes Basin, Turkey. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 8, 1175-1190. doi: 10.4236/jwarp.2016.812091.

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