OJDM  Vol.6 No.4 , October 2016
A Dynamic Programming Approach for the Max-Min Cycle Packing Problem in Even Graphs
Abstract: Let be an undirected graph. The maximum cycle packing problem in G then is to find a collection of edge-disjoint cycles Ciin G such that s is maximum. In general, the maximum cycle packing problem is NP-hard. In this paper, it is shown for even graphs that if such a collection satisfies the condition that it minimizes the quantityon the set of all edge-disjoint cycle collections, then it is a maximum cycle packing. The paper shows that the determination of such a packing can be solved by a dynamic programming approach. For its solution, an-shortest path procedure on an appropriate acyclic networkis presented. It uses a particular monotonous node potential.
Cite this paper: Recht, P. (2016) A Dynamic Programming Approach for the Max-Min Cycle Packing Problem in Even Graphs. Open Journal of Discrete Mathematics, 6, 340-350. doi: 10.4236/ojdm.2016.64027.

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