NS  Vol.1 No.2 , September 2009
An Improved Model for Bending of Thin Viscoelastic Plate on Elastic Foundation
Abstract: An improved model for bending of thin viscoe-lastic plate resting on Winkler foundation is presented. The thin plate is linear viscoelastic and subjected to normal distributed loading, the effect of normal stress along the plate thickness on the deflection and internal forces is taken into account. The basic equations for internal forces and stress distribution are derived based on the general viscoelastic theory under small deformation condition. The reduced equations for elastic case are given as well. It is shown that the proposed model reveals a larger flex-ural rigidity compared to that in classic models, in which the normal stress along the plate thickness is neglected.
Cite this paper: Li, Z. , Yang, T. and Luo, W. (2009) An Improved Model for Bending of Thin Viscoelastic Plate on Elastic Foundation. Natural Science, 1, 120-123. doi: 10.4236/ns.2009.12014.

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