MSCE  Vol.4 No.10 , October 2016
Evaluation of the Characteristic of Adsorption in a Double-Effect Adsorption Chiller with FAM-Z01
Abstract: Here, we propose a double-effect adsorption chiller with a zeolite adsorbent (FAM-Z01) for utilization of waste heat. The FAM-Z01 adsorbent has the potential to recover waste heat in low temperatures ranging from 353 to 333 K and shows good potential in the adsorption chiller in terms of the high cooling output. A double-effect adsorption chiller could provide a higher Coefficient Of Performance (COP) than that of a single-effect chiller. In this paper, we developed a measuring method for the amount of adsorption in the first and second adsorber in a double-effect adsorption chiller and measured the adsorption and desorption rate based on the volumetric method. We calculated the COP of the adsorption chiller with the quantity of adsorbent obtained in the experiment. In the experiments, the quantity of adsorbent in the first adsorber was 0.14 g-H2O/g-Ads at the pressure 20 kPa and a desorption temperature over 100. The amount of adsorbent in the second adsorber was equal to that of the first adsorber. By analyzing the COP with the experimental results, the COP value was calculated to be over 1.0 () at any desorption temperature. The COP of the double-effect cycle was higher than that of single-effect cycle.
Cite this paper: Esaki, T. , Kobayashi, N. and Matsuda, T. (2016) Evaluation of the Characteristic of Adsorption in a Double-Effect Adsorption Chiller with FAM-Z01. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 4, 8-19. doi: 10.4236/msce.2016.410002.

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