OJCD  Vol.6 No.3 , September 2016
Amyloïdosis Complicating Behcet’s Disease
Abstract: Background: Behcet’s disease is a vasculitis affecting several organs. A renal involvement is rarely described. It is most of the time about a renal amyloidosis. Patients and methods: It is a descriptive retrospective study concerning the patients followed in our department for a Behcet’s disease having presented a renal amyloidosis. Results: It is about 4 men with average age of 38.25 years old. The renal involvement was revealed after an average delay of 5.7 years by a nephrotic syndrome in all cases. A renal insufficiency was noted in 3 cases with an average serum creatinine of 587 μmol/l (127 - 1490). The type of the amyloidosis was AA in 2 cases. The treatment contained colchicines in every case. The evolution was marked by the worsening of the renal function leading to end stage renal disease in 3 cases. Death occurred in 1 case and one patient lost to follow up. Discussion: Renal amyloidosis can complicate the evolution of a Behcet’s disease. It occurs generally 1 to 10 years after the beginning of the disease. Once installed, it evolves generally towards the chronic renal insufficiency and can condition the forecast of this affection. Conclusion: Amyloidosis is a rare complication of the Behcet’s disease. Its screening is so desirable to improve the renal prognosis of these patients.
Cite this paper: Harzallah, A. , El Jery, H. , Hajji, M. , Mami, I. , Goucha, R. , Turki, S. , Hamida, F. , Mahfoudhi, M. and Abdallah, T. (2016) Amyloïdosis Complicating Behcet’s Disease. Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics, 6, 42-46. doi: 10.4236/ojcd.2016.63008.

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