JILSA  Vol.8 No.4 , November 2016
Improved Term Weighting Technique for Automatic Web Page Classification
Abstract: Automatic web page classification has become inevitable for web directories due to the multitude of web pages in the World Wide Web. In this paper an improved Term Weighting technique is proposed for automatic and effective classification of web pages. The web documents are represented as set of features. The proposed method selects and extracts the most prominent features reducing the high dimensionality problem of classifier. The proper selection of features among the large set improves the performance of the classifier. The proposed algorithm is implemented and tested on a benchmarked dataset. The results show the better performance than most of the existing term weighting techniques.
Cite this paper: Thangairulappan, K. and Kanagavel, A. (2016) Improved Term Weighting Technique for Automatic Web Page Classification. Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications, 8, 63-76. doi: 10.4236/jilsa.2016.84006.

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