OJG  Vol.6 No.9 , September 2016
Studying the Effect of Urban Furniture on Satisfaction of Domestic Tourists in Isfahan Bus Terminals
Abstract: Terminals and stations as one of the most important parts of transportation systems and also as the arteries of the countrys economy life undertake significant role in adjustment and regulation of the traffic pulse of cities and roads. Urban furniture is one of the components considered in urban designing and as a part of the whole city, it defines the urban identity and structure. In todays world, the importance of designing the urban equipment and furniture is to an extent that even active architects in the field of industrial designing are invited for designing and performing the urban furniture and equipment. Urban designing is a thing beyond making some flower box in squares and determining bus and taxi stations. Evidently, what gives identity to the city or according to the saying of Sansovini, what has tranquility for the citys residents and creates attraction for foreigner tourists, not only include the mass buildings and streets traffic, but also include landscape, parks and furniture of the city. Standard designing of bus terminals like other urban furniture influences on urban face and it can have significant role in satisfaction of domestic tourists and increase and propagation of using of terminals. In this research, it has been attempted that the effect of furniture in the terminals of Isfahan city on domestic tourists should be studied that for this purpose, descriptive-analytic method has been used and data have been collected through field and library studies and secondary sources by using of SWOT model.
Cite this paper: Nadim, Z. and Azani, M. (2016) Studying the Effect of Urban Furniture on Satisfaction of Domestic Tourists in Isfahan Bus Terminals. Open Journal of Geology, 6, 1032-1044. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2016.69077.

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