AJIBM  Vol.6 No.8 , August 2016
Research on Certification Standards of LSQ
Abstract: With the rapid development of the logistics industry, improving the logistics service quality (LSQ) has become the most important means to achieve the competitive advantage for many logistics enterprises. At the same time, as the international prevailing evaluation system, certifications not only are the basic means of quality management, but also the tools to promote the development of trade facilitation. This paper analyzes the connotation of LSQ, and puts forward that for promoting the development of logistics industry and improving customer satisfaction rate, the quality of logistics service should also be certified. Based on the analysis of a large number of literatures and practice, the paper puts forward the construction of LSQ certification standards. Through the analysis, it is concluded that the LSQ plays an important role in regulating the logistics market, improving the competitiveness of enterprises, improving the customer satisfaction rate and avoiding risks.
Cite this paper: Wang, F. and Hu, Y. (2016) Research on Certification Standards of LSQ. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 6, 895-899. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2016.68086.

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