AM  Vol.7 No.14 , August 2016
Green’s Function for the Quartic Oscillator
Abstract: In this paper, a quantum mechanical Green’s function  for the quartic oscillator is presented. This result is built upon two previous papers: first [1], detailing the linearization of the quartic oscillator (qo) to the harmonic oscillator (ho); second [2], the integration of the classical action function for the quartic oscillator. Here an equivalent form for the quartic oscillator action function  in terms of harmonic oscillator variables is derived in order to facilitate the derivation of the quartic oscillator Green’s Function, namely in fixing its amplitude.
Cite this paper: Anderson, R. (2016) Green’s Function for the Quartic Oscillator. Applied Mathematics, 7, 1571-1579. doi: 10.4236/am.2016.714135.

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