JAMP  Vol.4 No.8 , August 2016
Closed/Open-Cell Photoacoustic Imaging for Spectroscopic Measurements
Photoacoustic imaging using a closed photoacoustic cell and an open photoacoustic cell with gas- microphone detection scheme was described. R/G/B LED light sources were used for the closed photoacoustic (PA) cell configuration. The colored specimen enclosed in a PA cell was imaged with R/G/B color light sources, and an image restored from the inverted PA images was compared with the original image. For open cell configuration, an open PA cell using a spheroidal acoustic resonator was applied to measure the amount of large-sized colored specimens. A calibration curve for a food red dye was obtained that apparently showed the ability of the present scheme to measure as a spectroscopic measurement tool.
Cite this paper: Hoshimiya, T. (2016) Closed/Open-Cell Photoacoustic Imaging for Spectroscopic Measurements. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 4, 1470-1474. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2016.48152.

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