ChnStd  Vol.5 No.3 , August 2016
Analysis and Research of Tianjin Development
Abstract: Tianjin is an integral and important city in China. Tianjin’s development influences China’s development. In today’s society, the coordinated development of Beijing and Tianjin has become a key consideration. It is also a goal we should strive; therefore, the development of Tianjin is one of the focuses of our study. This paper uses SPSS analysis. The data include agricultural output, the number of enterprises, logistics and transport. This paper studies the main factors in Tianjin, and we use the method of principal component analysis. Agriculture and heavy industry are quite developed in Tianjin. The paper also studies the common development of Tianjin. We concluded that we cannot ignore the simultaneous development of agriculture and heavy industry. In addition, we also study the Tianjin’s logistics transportation equipment. We have come to the main road and rail transportation equipment. Finally, we do a short-term forecast on the amount of goods, which proves the feasibility of SPSS analysis.
Cite this paper: Liu, H. (2016) Analysis and Research of Tianjin Development. Chinese Studies, 5, 62-66. doi: 10.4236/chnstd.2016.53007.

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