JSIP  Vol.7 No.3 , August 2016
The Potential for Excess Correlation (Entanglement) between Flow States in Pairs of Gamers Sharing Specific Circumcerebral Rotating Magnetic Fields
Abstract: Excess correlation between the activity or properties of two particles separated by non-local distances has been demonstrated for photons, shifts in relative proton and hydroxyl ratios in spring water, and the distribution of values from random number generators if both loci shared a specific type of rotational magnetic field. Previous experiments had shown that specific responses from pairs of people who shared circumcerebral magnetic fields with changing angular velocities revealed significant excess correlation. The most significant differences occurred during the component of the field exposure that has previously been associated with “excess correlation”. In the present experiments, we found evidence of excess correlation of performance (serial in-game scores) occurred between pairs (separated by 10 m) of experienced gamers during the relative measures for the central portion of the protocol but was diminished when the “excess correlation” electromagnetic fields were activated, suggesting a similar competing mechanism. The results are consistent with the interpretation that shared video systems and activities may enhance excess correlation of responses. This can be simulated in novice players by experimentally inducing excess correlation through appropriate application of changing, circumcerebral angular velocity magnetic fields that were similar in magnitude to those associated with computer systems and time frames that define human consciousness.
Cite this paper: Lehman, B. and Persinger, M. (2016) The Potential for Excess Correlation (Entanglement) between Flow States in Pairs of Gamers Sharing Specific Circumcerebral Rotating Magnetic Fields. Journal of Signal and Information Processing, 7, 115-122. doi: 10.4236/jsip.2016.73012.

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