Health  Vol.8 No.10 , July 2016
Measurement and Evaluation of the Autonomic Nervous Function in Daily Life
Abstract: We developed a smart-phone based system to measure the activities of autonomic nervous system during everyday life. Using commonly marketed smart phones, by touching your fingertips on the phone’s camera over a short time of about 30 seconds, it will detect changes in the brightness of the blood flow and in turn analyze your heart rate variability. By using this system, about 100,000 cases were measured and from this large amount of data regarding heart rate variability, we evaluated the autonomic nervous function in their daily life. As a result, for the correlation between autonomic nervous system and age, we found that as the increase of age, the total power becomes decreased and the sympathetic nervous system tends to increase between thirties and fifties. For the correlation between autonomic nervous system and BMI (Body Mass Index), it is found that in general, the higher the BMI, the lower the total power and the stronger the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, people who are fat are lower about the total power and stronger about the sympathetic nervous system. In addition, for the correlation between autonomic nervous system and one day life, it is found that total power and sympathetic function tend to increase, while as evening approaches, sympathetic function tends to become suppressed.
Cite this paper: Komazawa, M. , Itao, K. , Kobayashi, H. and Luo, Z. (2016) Measurement and Evaluation of the Autonomic Nervous Function in Daily Life. Health, 8, 959-970. doi: 10.4236/health.2016.810099.

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