JBiSE  Vol.9 No.8 , July 2016
Low Doses of Ionized Radiation and Hypomagnetic Field Alter Redox Properties of Water and Physiological Characteristics of Seeds of the Highest Plants
Abstract: The influence of a 40-fold attenuated geomagnetic field and its combined action with low doses of α- and γ-irradiation on the physiological characteristics of seeds of the highest plants and redox properties of water was investigated. It established the reduction of seed germination both under direct and indirect effects due to water action of attenuated geomagnetic field. A negative effect of hypomagnetic field on grown characteristics of seeds under indirect effect via water was decreased by the low doses of γ-irradiation, and was increased by low doses of α-irradiation, i.e. ionized radiation was the dominant factor in their combined action. It was revealed the increasing of the value of the oxidation-reduction potential of water under the influence of low-intensive α-ir-radiation (239Pu), γ-irradiation (137Cs) and also that the magnetic induction attenuated pointing to a natural decline. The increasing of the oxidation-reduction potential value testifies about “the regular decreasing of internal energy of water molecules” and the increasing of its oxidative properties, which, in our opinion, is caused the inhibition of the germination of seeds. It is supposed that namely water is the main component in the effects of studying factors on bio-objects, which acts due to the alterations of the properties and structural content of water.
Cite this paper: Moisa, S. , Tsetlin, V. , Levinskich, M. and Nefedova, E. (2016) Low Doses of Ionized Radiation and Hypomagnetic Field Alter Redox Properties of Water and Physiological Characteristics of Seeds of the Highest Plants. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, 9, 410-418. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2016.98036.

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