Health  Vol.3 No.8 , August 2011
Necrotizing sarcoid granulomatosis: a case report and review of progresses in this disease
Abstract: We present the case of a young male who visited the emergency room with progressive dys pnea and left sided chest pain. A chest X-ray was performed which showed a pattern of diffuse nodular and reticular opacities. The diagnosis of Necrotizing Sarcoid Granulomatosis (NSG) was made by histopathological examination of a lung biopsy specimen and by exclud ing other causes of granulomatous disease. He was treated with corticosteroids. Because of persistent extrapulmonary (ocular) involvement a maintenance dose of prednisone was needed. Necrotizing Sarcoid Granulomatosis is a granulomatous disease with necrosis and vasculitis of unknown cause. The resemblance between NSG and (nodular) sarcoidosis is strong, but subtle differences exist. The prognosis is good and therapy is usually not necessary. However in some cases there is a need for therapy with corticosteroids, depending on the involved organs and/or the degree of impairment.
Cite this paper: nullEpping, G. , Schwengle, C. , Aliredjo, R. and Wagenaar, M. (2011) Necrotizing sarcoid granulomatosis: a case report and review of progresses in this disease. Health, 3, 534-536. doi: 10.4236/health.2011.38089.

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