OJG  Vol.6 No.6 , June 2016
Hydrological Analysis and Ability Assessing of Flood Gating of Karaj Watershed According to the Form of the Watershed
Abstract: The numeral trait of aquiferous zones in flowage studies and estimations is under most parts of nation. In this study Karaj aquiferous zone in Alborz province was surveyed from the view point of form, the agglomeration of drainage net length of channel and space. The orientation of hillside was specified as the affective factor on creating and streaming the flowage. A flow aggregating hydrological model for the studied zone was prepared and amount of the flow is mostly in which parts of the zone the delay and centralization time in the zone was evaluated and the related diagrams were derived. Finally, the zone was divided into 4 main subzones and their drainage nets were ranked and by 4 factors namely, space, length of canal, drainage aggregation and branch ratio affecting on performance of the zone from the view of from and appearance was surveyed. The factors interfering in SPSS software and their correlations were specified and specific coefficients stand in their related charts. By considering in the zone width and charts it is specified which of the sub zones has the most flowage potential from the view of the zones physical and numeral qualifications. All plots were prepared using GIS and WMS software and the studied zone’s hydrograph was depicted.
Cite this paper: Talari, A. and Gholizadeh, R. (2016) Hydrological Analysis and Ability Assessing of Flood Gating of Karaj Watershed According to the Form of the Watershed. Open Journal of Geology, 6, 341-348. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2016.66029.

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