OJCE  Vol.6 No.3 , June 2016
Investigating Effect of Tunnel Gate Shapes with Similar Cross Section on Inserted Forces on Its Coverage and Soil Surface Settlement
Abstract: According to technology development and relative facilitation in digging and underground structures, ways, highways, all types of tunnels, underground train network, and other underground settle, storage are number of structure built and developed in advanced countries. In most situation, tunnel digging operations are done years after its construction or are not recorded in new structures regulations; therefore, this research investigates soil settlement and inserting force to tunnel coverage by limiting studies about effects of tunnel shapes on soil settlement using Plaxis, Seismo Signal, and Seismo Aspect. This study shows that rectangular tunnel has the most settlement in soil surface and circular tunnel has the least settlement but horseshoe tunnel has similar behavior to circular tunnel; however, earth subsidence level by digging this tunnel is more than circular tunnel. In addition, sectional shape has direct effect on inserting forces on tunnel coverage.
Cite this paper: Rostami, A. , Asghari, N. , Ziarati, M. , Jahani, S. and Shahi, B. (2016) Investigating Effect of Tunnel Gate Shapes with Similar Cross Section on Inserted Forces on Its Coverage and Soil Surface Settlement. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 6, 358-369. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2016.63030.

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