JACEN  Vol.5 No.1 B , April 2016
Could Rice Yield Change Be Caused by Weather?

Data from 4 counties of Hainan Province of China from 1991-2012 was used to determine the weather impact on rice yields in both early and late rice seasons with multiple regression models. The results show there is normal weather environment for rice in the heading stage for early season rice in May and the milking stage for late season rice in November. For early season rice, more rain in April and June is better for rice to boot and milk, the average temperature has negative effect for the season rice yield ; for late season rice, the average temperature have positive effect for the difference between rice yield and the mean of total years but in seedling and booting stage; the rice yield difference between double season is compared and analyzed through the difference of meteorological factors, the results show that the precipitation gap in tillering stage has positive effect to rice yield increasing, but against in booting stage. The relative results should be use to forecast rice yield, and further provide the rice production guiding.

Cite this paper: Yu, W. , Wang, Y. , Li, D. , Xu, S. , Abdul-Gafar, A. (2016) Could Rice Yield Change Be Caused by Weather?. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 5, 31-37. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2016.51B005.

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