JACEN  Vol.5 No.1 B , April 2016
Farmers’ Access to Agricultural Information Sources: Evidences from Rural Pakistan

The current study was conducted to probe farmers’ accessible agricultural information sources in rural areas of Pakistan. For this purpose a random sample of 160 households from four districts of the Punjab province of Pakistan was selected. Data were collected using validated and expert reviewed questionnaire with the help of interview method. The results revealed that majority of farmers (47.5%) ranked neighbor-friends-relatives as first source of information while 31.9% of farmers ranked this source as second and 33.7% farmers’ ranked it as third major source. With contrast to this very less farmers (10%) ranked agricultural extension staff as first information source. Keeping in view the study results, the performance of extension staff is not encouraging; therefore government should plan and launch a policy to foster performance of public agricultural extension system to fulfill the advanced technological needs of farmers to flourish sustainable agriculture and rural development.

Cite this paper: Yaseen, M. , Xu, S. , Yu, W. , Hassan, S. (2016) Farmers’ Access to Agricultural Information Sources: Evidences from Rural Pakistan. Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Environment, 5, 12-19. doi: 10.4236/jacen.2016.51B003.

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