NS  Vol.3 No.8 , August 2011
Nonlinear characterization and optical switching in bromophenol blue solutions
Abstract: In this paper the results from investigations of the nonlinear refractive index and nonlinear absorption coefficient of Bromophenol Blue using the Z-scan technique with a continuous wave laser beam at wavelengths 488 nm and 514 nm are presented. It was observed that the material exhibited reverse saturation absorption and self defocusing behavior. It was found that the increase in solution concentration resulted in linear increase of the nonlinear refractive index. A pump and probe technique was used to obtain the absorption spectrum of triplet state. Furthermore the nonlinear absorption effect was used to demonstrate all optical switching.
Cite this paper: Henari, F. (2011) Nonlinear characterization and optical switching in bromophenol blue solutions. Natural Science, 3, 728-732. doi: 10.4236/ns.2011.38096.

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