OJCE  Vol.6 No.3 , June 2016
Shape Control and Vibration Analysis of Pi-ezolaminated Plates Subjected to Electro-Mechanical Loading
Abstract: Shape control and free vibration analysis of piezolaminated plates subjected to electro mechanical loading are evaluated using finite element method. First order shear deformation theory is employed in the analysis. Both extensions as well as shear actuators are considered for piezolaminated plates. Rectangular four node isoparametric element is used in the finite element formulation. Variation of temperature is neglected for the orthotropic layers of the laminate and for piezolayer. Annular circular plates and rectangular plates with piezoelectric layers mounted and/or integrated are analysed for various parameters. Numerical results are presented for varying the actuator voltage for annular plates with different thicknesses of piezo patches. In case of rectangular plate shear actuator is considered for vibration analysis.
Cite this paper: Wankhade, R. and Bajoria, K. (2016) Shape Control and Vibration Analysis of Pi-ezolaminated Plates Subjected to Electro-Mechanical Loading. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 6, 335-345. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2016.63028.

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