APM  Vol.6 No.5 , April 2016
An Alternative Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows for Daily Deliveries
Abstract: This study attempts to solve vehicle routing problem with time window (VRPTW). The study first identifies the real problems and suggests some recommendations on the issues. The technique used in this study is Genetic Algorithm (GA) and initialization applied is random population method. The objective of the study is to assign a number of vehicles to routes that connect customers and depot such that the overall distance travelled is minimized and the delivery operations are completed within the time windows requested by the customers. The analysis reveals that the problems experienced in vehicle routing with time window can be solved by GA and retrieved for optimal solutions. After a thorough study on VRPTW, it is highly recommended that a company should implement the optimal routes derived from the study to increase the efficiency and accuracy of delivery with time insertion.
Cite this paper: Abdul Ghani, N. , Shariff, S. and Zahari, S. (2016) An Alternative Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows for Daily Deliveries. Advances in Pure Mathematics, 6, 342-350. doi: 10.4236/apm.2016.65025.

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