CWEEE  Vol.5 No.2 , April 2016
Estimation of Solar Radiation on Horizontal and Tilted Surface over Bangladesh
Abstract: To estimate the monthly averaged solar radiations (global, diffuse and direct solar radiation) on horizontal surface and tilted surface over 10 stations (districts) in Bangladesh, thirty years monthly averaged data of various meteorological parameters namely the monthly averaged value of maximum temperature, minimum temperature, humidity and sunshine hours were used in this study. Assessment of the solar resources for the solar based renewable energy technologies of Bangladesh may be based upon this kind of measured data analyzed study. This study tried to estimate the monthly averaged solar radiation by presenting data in table and graph and finally analyze through equations and descriptions. Correlation between the measurements of monthly averaged solar radiation and the meteorological parameters was given for the selected 10 stations in Bangladesh. In conclusion, we tried to make a comparison among solar radiation on horizontal surface, fixed 20.83 ° (degree) optimal tilt angle and variable optimal tilt surface at Dhaka station.
Cite this paper: Islam, M. , Alam, M. , Sharker, K. and Nandi, S. (2016) Estimation of Solar Radiation on Horizontal and Tilted Surface over Bangladesh. Computational Water, Energy, and Environmental Engineering, 5, 54-69. doi: 10.4236/cweee.2016.52006.

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