AJIBM  Vol.6 No.3 , March 2016
Factors Affecting the University Preferences of Students: A Case of Kafkas University
Abstract: University preference is an important subject in that it is effective in the future lives of the students and for the universities to know the factors that are affecting the preferences of the students. Based on this importance, the factors that the students considered while making decision were investigated within the study. For this purpose, survey was applied to the students studying in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Kafkas University in 2013-2014 education term. 309 of the surveys obtained from the departments of administration, economics, and public administration were evaluated. According to the result of the factor analysis carried out, six dimensions consisting of prestige, opportunity, campus, knowledge, location, and economy were obtained. Besides, it was established that these factors differ in demographic properties.
Cite this paper: Gulluce, A. , Yilmaz, T. and Kaygin, E. (2016) Factors Affecting the University Preferences of Students: A Case of Kafkas University. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 6, 357-372. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2016.63032.

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