MSCE  Vol.4 No.3 , March 2016
The Review of Powder Coatings
Abstract: With the environmental regulations becoming more stringent and awareness of consumers increasing to protect environment, an urgent problem is to reduce the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Powder coating is a kind of solid powder coating without any solvent. Due to its excellent application performance and environment-friendly, it is widely used in the field of metal coating, especially appliances of offices and home. In recent years, the use of powder coatings has been developed very fast and the requirements of functional powder coatings are also gradually strengthened. According to resin of the film forming, powder coatings can be divided into two types: thermosetting powder coatings and thermoplastic powder coatings. Each kind of powder coatings has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they will be applied in different fields. In order to improve the properties of powder coatings, there are many reports and studies about them. The compositions of powder coatings were extruded, crushed and screened to gain powder of coating. The powder always was stored at room temperature. The powder coatings often operated by two kinds which were electrostatic spraying method and fluidized bed dipping method. After that, the powder was heated to melt and cure. Finally, a smooth bright permanent film on articles was formed to achieve the purpose of decoration and corrosion. The process flow preparation of powder coatings always separated into dry process production and wet process production. The development courses of powder coatings about resins, pigments and fillers are summarized. The future development trends of powder coatings are illustrated.
Cite this paper: Du, Z. , Wen, S. , Wang, J. , Yin, C. , Yu, D. and Luo, J. (2016) The Review of Powder Coatings. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 4, 54-59. doi: 10.4236/msce.2016.43007.

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