OALibJ  Vol.1 No.8 , November 2014
The Interrelation of Circulation Processes in the Atmosphere by B.L. Dzerdzeyevskiy with the Change of Runoff in the Basins of Rivers of Central Asia
Abstract: The article contains analysis of the interrelation of circulation processes in the atmosphere with the change of runoff in the basins of rivers. The results of estimates which show the relationship of circulation processes in the atmosphere with the runoff of the zone of formation of Central Asia of one of southern regions are discussed. The typification of circulation processes by B.L. Dzerdzeyevskiy and previously made estimates of water resources in the basins of rivers of South Kazakhstan were assumed as a basis. The certain areas were considered in this work: the Ile-Balkash basin, basin of river Shu-Talas and basin of the Syrdariya river; each basin is considered separately; since the runoff varies by regions and by the value of fluctuations, it is not permanent, because of the various factors of runoff formation in individual basins of that region. The calculations performed have shown the possibility of using typification of elementary circulation mechanism (ECM) for further researches of climatic changes, including determining the direction of change of river runoff in other river basins. The created database on annual values of each of the 41 types of ECM can be used in other studies as well.
Cite this paper: Tursunova, A. (2014) The Interrelation of Circulation Processes in the Atmosphere by B.L. Dzerdzeyevskiy with the Change of Runoff in the Basins of Rivers of Central Asia. Open Access Library Journal, 1, 1-10. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1101080.

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