JGIS  Vol.1 No.1 , November 2009
Design and Study on Exploration Data Management System on MapGIS
Author(s) Ye CHEN, Wenyou FAN
A large quantity of data in earthquake, well-log, grilling, geology and other non-seismic geophysics, has been accumulated during long period of petroleum prospecting. These data are stored in papery document and managed in low efficient manual management. This paper proposed this petroleum exploration information man-agement system which adopts SQL Server2000 as database server and combines B/S and C/S model based on MapGIS. By the combination of data layer, management layer and application layer, it realized exploration information management and sharing. The experimental experience shows that this system ensures the exploration information be better applied and developed, and provide better decision-making for the leaders.

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nullY. CHEN and W. FAN, "Design and Study on Exploration Data Management System on MapGIS," Journal of Geographic Information System, Vol. 1 No. 1, 2009, pp. 31-35. doi: 10.4236/jgis.2009.11007.
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