IJMPCERO  Vol.5 No.1 , February 2016
Automatic Anomaly Detection of Respiratory Motion Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis
Abstract: The realization of automatic anomaly detection of respiratory motion could be very useful to prevent accidental damage during radiation therapy. In this paper, we proposed an automatic anomaly detection method using singular value decomposition analysis. Before applying this method, the investigator needs a normal respiratory motion data of a patient. From these data, a trajectory matrix representing normal time-series feature is created. Decomposing the matrix, we obtained the feature of normal time series. Then, we applied the same procedure to real-time data and obtained real-time features. Calculating the similarity of those feature matrixes, an anomaly score was obtained. Patient motion was observed by a depth camera. In our simulation, two types of motion e.g. cough and sudden stop of breathing were successfully detected, while gradual change of respiratory cycle frequency was not detected clearly.
Cite this paper: Kotoku, J. , Kumagai, S. , Uemura, R. , Nakabayashi, S. and Kobayashi, T. (2016) Automatic Anomaly Detection of Respiratory Motion Based on Singular Spectrum Analysis. International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology, 5, 88-95. doi: 10.4236/ijmpcero.2016.51009.

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