AJIBM  Vol.6 No.2 , February 2016
Study on the Moderate Diversification of Industrial Structure in Macao
Abstract: As a result of past economic growth and the foundation of future economic growth, industrial structure has become an important factor for economic growth. This article, based on the existing moderate diversification research results of Macao industrial structure, researches Macau industry output gap by industry Gini coefficient, measures Macau deformity of the existing industrial structure, and analyzes the necessity of the moderate diversification of Macau industrial structure. At last, it gives some suggestions about the moderate diversified industry.
Cite this paper: Lu, P. (2016) Study on the Moderate Diversification of Industrial Structure in Macao. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management, 6, 176-187. doi: 10.4236/ajibm.2016.62017.

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