JSIP  Vol.7 No.1 , February 2016
A New Scheme to Construct Orthogonal Channel Matrix for MIMO STBC by Givens Rotation
Abstract: This paper proposes a scheme to construct orthogonal channel matrix for full rate quasiorthogonal STBC based on givens rotation with lower bit error rate. The transmission diversity method rotates every single information symbol. The scheme can suppress channel noise and eliminate the interference term well. Simulation results show that the method can improve performance better than conventional algorithm without increasing decoding complexity.
Cite this paper: Zhang, H. , Xian, K. , Feng, L. and Hu, C. (2016) A New Scheme to Construct Orthogonal Channel Matrix for MIMO STBC by Givens Rotation. Journal of Signal and Information Processing, 7, 34-38. doi: 10.4236/jsip.2016.71005.

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