erative DRS in an intangible manner. For issues such as separate development and no uniform plan, the state large-scale library and related governmental departments should have a whole plan for system construction, integrate resources of different organizations, coordinate relation among members, break current separate layout, establish uniform reference consulting platform, and provide comprehensive high-quality service, especially cooperative reference consulting and distributed reference consulting not only integrates limited resources of libraries and meets different user requirements as much as possible, but also solves the lack of consulting experts, so it should be encouraged.

5.4. Found “Virtual Team” to Improve DRS Quality

The “virtual team” is different from traditional entity team. Members do not depend on tangible office site. They will work in a virtual space and mainly depend on modern communication and information technologies to realize the remote communication and coordination [5] . The virtual team mainly engages the high-knowledge work. Members should be composed of high-level professional experts, who can cross geographical position specialty and function department. They should contact and exchange with each via advanced communication technologies such as electronic means, including email, network chat, telephone, and video conference. Their work and service is mainly implemented via a remote manner. The members of the virtual team will cooperate with each other to solve complicated problems to meet the requirements of the users and organizations via their knowledge.

Now DRS has acted as the main role in the library service. Its service quality will directly affect whole image of the library. If the service quality is not guaranteed and no corresponding control measures of the consulting quality, DRS cannot be recognized and extensively utilized by extensive users, so we should strengthen deep research on the DRS. By combining the actual DRS experiences of the agricultural university library, we can launch personalized, proactive, multi-level and multi-view whole-process digital reference consulting service, and provide beneficial help for the university libraries to carry out DRS.


Heilongjiang Philosophy and Social Science Plan research project “information service system building of university libraries in big data age” (project number: 14E045).

Heilongjiang Art and Science Plan co-building project “research on library service innovation development in new media age” (project number: 2014D014).

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