Health  Vol.8 No.1 , January 2016
Search of Biomarker in the Oral Rehabilitation
Abstract: Are there any ways to analyze objectively if any good changes happen to the bodies for the patients with acquired edentulous by getting a treatment to recover occlusion? In this study, we focused on interleukin 6 (IL-6) as inflammatory cytokine, cortisol known as a stress related substance and secretory immune globulin A (SIgA) related to immune reaction, and chose 14 patients who had occlusion reconstructed by the immediately loaded dental implants because occlusion contact with maxillary and mandibular dentition was lost caused by edentulous jaws or maxillary and mandibular teeth crossing each other and their jaw position and central occlusion position could not settle, and verified the relationship with changes of patients’ physical and mental states during the 6 months of the treatment and the effect of the immediately loaded implants treatment by using saliva which was non-invasive and easy to sample in biomarkers in saliva. Moreover for female subjects, the changes of facial color tones were measured by using Robo Skin Analyz-er?, a digital image analyzer, to measure the condition of their skin. In conclusion, the positive correlation between the amount of IL-6 and cortisol was not admitted. However, it was admitted that IL-6 tended to increase when a systemic change which interrupted curing such as the interruption of fusion of the implant and the bone was observed even though the patient did not notice any particular symptoms and cortisol tended to increase when the patient noticed discomfort and mentioned any events under stress on his or her medical record. Moreover with the skin color analysis by Robo Skin Analyzer?, the possibility that the occlusion treatment by the immediate implant had an effect on physical and psychological health promotion through the acquisition of the masticatory function and the aesthetic recovery was indicated.
Cite this paper: Azuma, M. , Suzuki, S. , Sawa, M. , Yoshizawa, T. , Hu, A. , Yamaguchi, T. and Kobayashi, H. (2016) Search of Biomarker in the Oral Rehabilitation. Health, 8, 83-92. doi: 10.4236/health.2016.81010.

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