AM  Vol.6 No.14 , December 2015
Investigation and Analysis of Satisfaction of Rail Transit Transfer Station Facilities in Changchun
Abstract: The comfort satisfaction of basic facilities of the rail transit transfer station will influence pedestrian choice of vehicle. Aiming at the problem of traffic jams in Changchun in China, we designed a satisfaction questionnaire to investigate the factors which might affect the pedestrian satisfaction in rail transit transfer station in Changchun. By using the statistical methods, including correlation analysis, factor analysis and comparative analysis of satisfaction and importance, we analyzed the survey data, and get the results of analysis. Some suggestions for rail transit transfer station based on the results are given.
Cite this paper: Zhou, C. , Xie, L. , Lian, Z. , Du, M. , Li, X. , Meng, P. and Shi, S. (2015) Investigation and Analysis of Satisfaction of Rail Transit Transfer Station Facilities in Changchun. Applied Mathematics, 6, 2311-2318. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.614203.

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