OJS  Vol.5 No.7 , December 2015
A Note on Cochran Test for Homogeneity in Two Ways ANOVA and Meta-Analysis
Abstract: In this paper, we generalize the proof of the Cochran statistic in the case of an ANOVA two ways structure that asymptotically follows a Chi-2. While construction of homogeneity statistics test usually resorts to the determination of the covariance matrix and its inverse, the Moore-Penrose matrix, our approach, avoids this step. We also show that the Cochran statistic in ANOVA two ways is equivalent to conventional homogeneity statistics test. In particular, we show that it satisfies the invariance property. Finally, we conduct empirical verification from a meta-analysis that confirms our theoretical results.
Cite this paper: Mezui-Mbeng, P. (2015) A Note on Cochran Test for Homogeneity in Two Ways ANOVA and Meta-Analysis. Open Journal of Statistics, 5, 787-796. doi: 10.4236/ojs.2015.57078.

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