SS  Vol.6 No.12 , December 2015
Parosteal Lipoma of Femur—A Case Report
Abstract: A case of 16 yrs male patient with parosteal lipoma affecting the lower metaphyseal end of the left femur is presented. Clinical suspicion, plain radiographs, CT (Plain and 3 D) as well as MRI suggested a diagnosis of parosteal lipoma. Lipomas may be defined as benign lesions of mature adipose tissue without evidence of cellular atypia [1]. Lipomas are the most common soft tissue lesions and surprisingly are among the rarest bone neoplasias. The most frequent complaints are a tumoral convexity presenting as a visible or palpable mass or a mild-intensity, dull pain. The parosteal type is a rare tumor accounting for 0.3% of all lipomas [2] and is usually asymptomatic. It is seen commonly affecting adults aged over 40 [3]. The present article describes a rare case of parosteal lipoma located in the femur, with extensive hyperostosis visible on plain xray and confirmed by imaging studies (CT and MRI). Unlike the parosteal lipomas reported in adults over 40 yrs in this case it presented in a much younger age group.
Cite this paper: Salphale, Y. , Lalwani, P. , Gadegone, W. , Mehra, A. and Alurwar, R. (2015) Parosteal Lipoma of Femur—A Case Report. Surgical Science, 6, 549-554. doi: 10.4236/ss.2015.612078.

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