OJAppS  Vol.5 No.12 , December 2015
Slag Splashing in a Basic Oxygen Furnace under Different Blowing Conditions
Abstract: The influence of three different blowing conditions on the slag splashing process in a basic oxygen furnace for steelmaking is analyzed here using two-dimensional transient Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. Four blowing conditions are considered in the computer runs: top blowing, combined blowing using just a bottom centered nozzle, combined blowing using two bottom lateral nozzles, and full combined blowing using the three top and the three bottom nozzles. Computer simulations show that full combined blowing provides greater slag splashing than conventional top blowing.
Cite this paper: Barron, M. , Hilerio, I. and Medina, D. (2015) Slag Splashing in a Basic Oxygen Furnace under Different Blowing Conditions. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 5, 819-825. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2015.512078.

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