ABC  Vol.5 No.7 , December 2015
Glycosidically Bound Volatile Compounds of Satureja Montana L., S. cuneifo-lia Ten., S. subspicata Vis. and Endemic S. visianii Šilic
Abstract: In this paper, the glycoconjugated volatile compounds of four Croatian Satureja species (Satureja montana L., S. cuneifolia Ten., S. subspicata Vis. and endemic S. visianii Silic) were investigated. Content and composition of these compounds were examined depending on the stage of plant development. GC and GC–MS analysis of volatile aglycones revealed twenty-one compounds. Thymoquinone, geraniol and carvacrol were detected in all vegetative phases of the investigated plants. Other quantitatively important aglycones were eugenol and thymol of S. montana, phenyl ethyl alcohol, benzene acetaldehyde, borneol, α-terpineol, thymol and eugenol of S. cuneifolia, phenyl ethyl alcohol, benzene acet-aldehyde, terpinen-4-ol, α-terpineol and β-ionone of S. subspicata and camphor, thymol and 8a-acetoxylemolol of S. visianii. Moderate similarity in the chemical composition of essential oils and volatile aglycones of investigated plant species indicate that many biologically active compounds are glycosylated and accumulate as non-volatile glycosides.
Cite this paper: Dunkić, V. , Radovanović, I. , Bezić, N. and Vuko, E. (2015) Glycosidically Bound Volatile Compounds of Satureja Montana L., S. cuneifo-lia Ten., S. subspicata Vis. and Endemic S. visianii Šilic. Advances in Biological Chemistry, 5, 235-238. doi: 10.4236/abc.2015.57020.

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