OJAppS  Vol.5 No.12 , December 2015
Effect of Seed Size, Suspension Recycling and Substrate Pre-Treatment on the CVD Growth of Diamond Coatings
Abstract: CVD growth of uniform conformal polycrystalline diamond (PCD) coatings over complex three dimensional structures is very important material processing technique. It has been found that the nucleation and subsequent growth period is very critical for successful development of CVD diamond based technologies. There are many methods of enhancing diamond nucleation on foreign substrates-ultrasonic treatment with diamond seed suspension being the best among them. A combination of ultrasonic seeding (US) technique with prior treatment (PT) of the substrate under CVD diamond growth conditions for brief period of time, has found to be very effective in enhancing the diamond nucleation during CVD growth—together they are known as NNP. But successive usage of the same seeding suspension up to ten cycles deteriorates the seeding efficiency. 6th seeding cycle onwards the silicon substrates are barely get covered by diamond crystallites. Five different diamond micron grits were used for seeding the silicon substrates and it is observed that US with the sub-micron particles (0.25 μm) is very effective in efficient nucleation of PCD on Si substrates. PT of the substrate somewhat negates the effect of successive use of the same seeding slurry but it is best to avoid recycling of the same seeding suspension using micron size diamond grits.
Cite this paper: Mallik, A. , Bysakh, S. , Bhar, R. , Rotter, S. and Mendes, J. (2015) Effect of Seed Size, Suspension Recycling and Substrate Pre-Treatment on the CVD Growth of Diamond Coatings. Open Journal of Applied Sciences, 5, 747-763. doi: 10.4236/ojapps.2015.512071.

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