ALAMT  Vol.5 No.4 , December 2015
Trace of Positive Integer Power of Real 2 × 2 Matrices
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the theorems for the trace of any positive integer power of 2 × 2 real matrix. We obtain a new formula to compute trace of any positive integer power of 2 × 2 real matrix A, in the terms of Trace of A (TrA) and Determinant of A (DetA), which are based on definition of trace of matrix and multiplication of the matrixn times, where n is positive integer and this formula gives some corollary for TrAn when TrA or DetA are zero.

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Pahade, J. and Jha, M. (2015) Trace of Positive Integer Power of Real 2 × 2 Matrices. Advances in Linear Algebra & Matrix Theory, 5, 150-155. doi: 10.4236/alamt.2015.54015.
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