WJET  Vol.3 No.4 B , November 2015
The Delayed Images in a Hot Rubidium Atomic Vapor
Abstract: We report an experimental realization of the delayed images in a hot rubidium atomic vapor. With a rubidium atomic vapor cell as slow light medium, the image quality of the experiment could be improved greatly, compared with the results without a slow light medium. By analyzing the results about the image visibility of the slow light imaging system under three different conditions, the image visibility becomes better with the increment of the temperature, during the time that the wavelength of the laser is within dispersion range.
Cite this paper: Sui, L. (2015) The Delayed Images in a Hot Rubidium Atomic Vapor. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 3, 11-15. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2015.34B003.

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