OJN  Vol.5 No.11 , November 2015
Construction and Validation of an Educational Technology for Mammary Health Promotion
Abstract: Mammary health is issue faced by public health nurses and the science follows new ways into this thematic area of learning course wares. The purpose of this study was to construct and to validate a distance course for mammary health promotion for nurses. Methodological proposal has been composed of five stages: 1) analysis and planning, 2) modeling, 3) implementation, 4) evaluation and maintenance and 5) distribution. A total of nine experts as research population were consulted who were expert judges of nursing, pedagogy and web designer, three of each specific area, which were included in the study. The variables that had concordance index of 50% were: graphic designer pages favors learning, the user has easy navigation, the learning of the student experience, the environment provides interdisciplinary, content is built on process rather than there is a unique sequence, allows access to the available environment and holds a discussion on the subject. The distance learning course is intended to broaden and to enrich the living spaces and construct their own knowledge, favors interactivity, communication, autonomy and cooperation between the participants and provides access to educational technologies.
Cite this paper: Juvenal Barbosa, I. , Carvalho Fernandes, A. , Moreira, C. , Lavinas Santos, M. , Félix Gomes, A. , Andrade, I. and Sousa da Silva, A. (2015) Construction and Validation of an Educational Technology for Mammary Health Promotion. Open Journal of Nursing, 5, 965-970. doi: 10.4236/ojn.2015.511102.

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