ANP  Vol.4 No.4 , November 2015
Influence of Chitosan Binder on the Adhesion of Silver Nanoparticles on Cotton Fabric and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity
Abstract: Colloidal silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) with particle size less than 10 nm and concentration of 2 mM/L (~200 mg/L) were synthesized by gamma Co-60 ray irradiation of Ag+/chitosan solutions with different chitosan concentration of 0.5%, 1% and 2% (w/v). Incorporation of AgNPs onto cotton fabric was carried out by padding method with 100% wet pick-up. The content of AgNPs deposited on cotton fabric and released from cotton fabric after repeated washing was determined by inductively couple plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES). The results indicated that cotton/AgNPs fabric made from padding into AgNPs solution with 0.5% - 1% chitosan was the best one of AgNPs adhesion ability on cotton fabric. Results on antibacterial activity against S. aureus showed that cotton/AgNPs fabric with AgNPs content more than 100 mg/kg exhibited highly antibacterial activity (η > 98%). The mechanical property (tensile strength and elongation) of cotton/AgNPs fabrics was almost unchanged in comparison with untreated cotton fabric. Thus, the resultant cotton/AgNPs fabric with highly antibacterial activity can be potentially used as bed drapes and/or patient uniforms in hospitals, etc.
Cite this paper: Hien, N. , Phu, D. , Duy, N. , Quoc, L. , Lan, N. , Quy, H. , Van, H. , Diem, P. and Hoa, T. (2015) Influence of Chitosan Binder on the Adhesion of Silver Nanoparticles on Cotton Fabric and Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity. Advances in Nanoparticles, 4, 98-106. doi: 10.4236/anp.2015.44011.

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