GEP  Vol.3 No.9 , November 2015
Seasonal Variation in Physicochemical Parameters of Lekki Lagoon and the Conservation of Its Ecosystem
Abstract: Some physicochemical parameters like temperature, transparency, dissolved solid, suspended materials, turbidity, conductivity, pH, total alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate and salinity of water samples collected at Lekki Lagoon from November 2010 to September 2012 were evaluated. Fifteen locations were selected for water sampling according to the activities that took place in the lagoon. Physical water quality parameters such as temperature, transparency, total dissolved solids and total suspended solid showed strong seasonal and spatial fluctuation. Parameters like conductivity, pH and total alkalinity had relatively constant values among stations though they varied seasonally. Dissolved oxygen, nitrate and phosphate values were within permissible range for fish. Higher salinity values were recorded in wet seasons than dry seasons suggesting that salinity variation at Lekki Lagoon was due to salt incursion from the adjourning Lagos Lagoon and Mahin Creek during rainy season rather than evaporation factor. Salinity range of 1.70 - 6.00 psu recorded in this study also shows that Lekki Lagoon is tending towards brackish and this may affect the ichthyofauna composition of the lagoon.
Cite this paper: Opadokun, I. , Falaye, A. and Ajani, E. (2015) Seasonal Variation in Physicochemical Parameters of Lekki Lagoon and the Conservation of Its Ecosystem. Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 3, 11-17. doi: 10.4236/gep.2015.39002.

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