SS  Vol.6 No.10 , October 2015
Fracture Femur in a Case of Pyle’s Disease: A Case Report
Abstract: Pyle’s disease is a rare genetic skeletal disorder also known as Metaphyseal dysplasia. A case of 36 yrs old female with fracture supracondylar femur in Pyle’s disease is presented. She had mild facial dysmorphism, dental malformation & mild genu valgum. Skeletal radiology revealed the characteristic Erlenmeyer flask sign at distal femoral and proximal tibial metaphysis. The fracture supracondylar femur was treated with interlocking nail. The fracture was united in sixteen weeks period. The patient is followed up for two years. The aim of the case report is the rarity of the condition with fracture supracondylar femur in adult female successfully treated with interlocking nail.
Cite this paper: Gadegone, W. and Lokhande, V. (2015) Fracture Femur in a Case of Pyle’s Disease: A Case Report. Surgical Science, 6, 478-482. doi: 10.4236/ss.2015.610069.

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