WJNST  Vol.5 No.4 , October 2015
Some Insights into Cluster Structure of 9Be from 3He + 9Be Reaction
Abstract: The study of inelastic scattering and multi-nucleon transfer reactions was performed by bombarding a 9Be target with a 3He beam at the incident energy of 30 MeV. Angular distributions for 9Be(3He, 3He) 9Be, 9Be (3He, 3He) 8Be, 9Be (3He, 7Be) 5He, 9Be (3He, 6Li) 6Li and 9Be (3He, 7Li) 5Li reaction channels were measured. Experimental angular distributions for the corresponding ground states (g.s.) were analyzed within the framework of the optical model, the coupled-channel approach and the distorted-wave Born approximation. Cross sections for channels leading to unbound 5Heg.s., 5Lig.s. and 8Be systems were obtained from singles measurements where the relationship between the energy and the scattering angle of the observed stable ejectile was constrained by two-body kinematics. Information on the cluster structure of 9Be was obtained from the transfer channels. It was concluded that cluster transfer was an important mechanism in the investigated nuclear reaction channels. In the present work an attempt was made to estimate the relative strengths of the interesting (n + 8Be) and (α + 5He) cluster configurations in 9Be. The contributions of different exit channels have been determined confirming that the (α + 5He) configuration plays an important role. The configuration of 8Be consisting of two bound helium clusters (5He + 6He) is significantly suppressed, whereas the two-body configurations (n + 8Be) and (α + 5He) including unbound 8Be and 5He are found more probable.
Cite this paper: Lukyanov, S. , Harakeh, M. , Naumenko, M. , Xu, Y. , Trzaska, W. , Burjan, V. , Kroha, V. , Mrazek, J. , Glagolev, V. , Piskoř, Ŝ. , Voskoboynik, E. , Khlebnikov, S. , Penionzhkevich, Y. , Skobelev, N. , Sobolev, Y. , Tyurin, G. , Kuterbekov, K. and Tuleushev, Y. (2015) Some Insights into Cluster Structure of 9Be from 3He + 9Be Reaction. World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 5, 265-273. doi: 10.4236/wjnst.2015.54026.

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