ENG  Vol.7 No.10 , October 2015
Survey and Field Measurement on Residential Lifestyle and Energy Use in Rural China
Abstract: In the middle of May to September 2014, the research team conducted survey and field measurement on rural residential energy consumption and environment condition in China’s local city in order to grasp the life pattern and its correlation on energy use in the demand side. In this paper, the analyses of people life and summer energy consumption will be presented through statistical analyses based on data which collected from questionnaire survey. The results of questionnaire were presented and discussed. Based on the questionnaire results, we classified the housing types into several groups then compared the energy use of each type. The major influential factors on housing energy consumption were analyzed and the results were discussed. The results of field measurement during summer which conducted to several types of houses were also discussed. Finally, the results will propose some strategies on lowering housing energy use in the village. Further, the results will give conceptual layout to find the correlation between environmental quality, thermal condition, and energy consumption.
Cite this paper: Novianto, D. , Kano, A. , Fan, L. , Wang, J. , Wang, M. , Wang, Z. , Ge, J. , He, Y. and Gao, W. (2015) Survey and Field Measurement on Residential Lifestyle and Energy Use in Rural China. Engineering, 7, 610-624. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.710055.

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