WJET  Vol.3 No.3 C , October 2015
A Case Study to Estimate Thermal Conductivity of ABS in Cold Climate Chamber
Abstract: Non steady state thermal conductivity of ABS was estimated using an analytical approach in a Cold Climate Chamber at ?10?C and ?14?C. Two hollow cylinders of ABS of varying thickness were used to estimate the conductivity. The material was porous but the porosity was unknown. This paper is a case study to understand, if it is reasonable to estimate the thermal conductivity using the analytical varying thickness approach.
Cite this paper: Mughal, U. , Makarova, M. , Virk, M. and Polanco, G. (2015) A Case Study to Estimate Thermal Conductivity of ABS in Cold Climate Chamber. World Journal of Engineering and Technology, 3, 309-315. doi: 10.4236/wjet.2015.33C046.

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