OJMS  Vol.5 No.4 , October 2015
Small Scale Field Experiment on Breaking Wave Pressure on Vertical Breakwaters
Abstract: A small scale field experiment (SSFE) was performed on vertical breakwaters in the surf zone. The following are some of the findings. Wind seas may yield breaking wave pressure notwithstanding some large deepwater wave steepness, and small elevation of the wall above the mean water level. Caisson breakwaters can withstand some exceptionally high impulsive force peaks (even twice the weight in still water); whereas, with the same sea state and weight, a breakwater composed of layers of solid concrete blocks is destroyed.
Cite this paper: Boccotti, P. , Fiamma, V. , Barbaro, G. and Collia, L. (2015) Small Scale Field Experiment on Breaking Wave Pressure on Vertical Breakwaters. Open Journal of Marine Science, 5, 412-421. doi: 10.4236/ojms.2015.54033.

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