OJCM  Vol.5 No.4 , October 2015
Supercapacitor Consisting of a Form Core Sandwich with Woven Carbon Fiber Skin
Abstract: Structural capacitors are composite structures that function as energy storage capacitors. Parallel plate-type capacitors have the advantage of high voltage resistance, but are limited by low capacitance. An electric double-layer capacitor with a composite structure using a solid polymer electrolyte matrix with a glass fiber fabric separator has recently been developed. However, the solid polymer electrolyte caused the capacitor to possess high internal resistance. In the present study, a new design of supercapacitor using a form core sandwich with high water retention is proposed and experimentally investigated. Activated carbon sheets are used as electrodes on the form core sandwich to make a supercapacitor. Woven carbon fabric is used as lead wires of the supercapacitor. The resulting supercapacitor displays a low surface resistance of 810 Ωcm2 and high areal capacitance of 520 mF/cm2.
Cite this paper: Todoroki, A. , Sawada, T. , Mizutani, Y. and Suzuki, Y. (2015) Supercapacitor Consisting of a Form Core Sandwich with Woven Carbon Fiber Skin. Open Journal of Composite Materials, 5, 101-109. doi: 10.4236/ojcm.2015.54013.

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